1939 Expo

This set was created for the 1939 Expo in San Fransisco. The idea was that people who came to see the Worlds Fair in NYC from around the world would then go to San Fransisco. I am not sure if this ploy worked or not. But these glasses were created for it.

As you can see, the ploy was to make it a national event. California shaking hands with New York. Join the two coasts. Come see both events. Then the fairs were over, what do we do with the remaining decals.
We split the decal in two. We then have the New York girl. . .
and the California Girl.
Some people have stated that there are fifty such state girl glasses. I know that there are sets of waterslide decals with all fifty states represented in pinup form. This is not a part of those sets. There are only these two in this set. The separated decals are a dificult find, the uncut decal is very rare.